Secret Agents SURROUND Cult Members – Giant Raid!

Secret Agents Raid

Secret Agents Raid “Jewish Taliban”

( – When one thinks of the Taliban, images and thoughts of the Middle Eastern terrorist organization currently rules over Afghanistan likely to come to mind. Yet, authorities in Mexico near the Guatemalan border recently raided a compound serving as home to a cult commonly referred to as the “Jewish Taliban.”

In cooperation with Israeli volunteers, Mexico’s federal police stormed a compound north of Tapachula on Friday, September 23. They arrested 20 members of the Lev Tahor sect, known for its extremist practices, including child marriage and requiring women to cover their entire bodies.

During the process, law enforcement rescued several children, one of whom was the young son of an ex-member. Yisrael Amir, another former participant of the sect, said the group lived “a life of brutally strict rules, mind control, salvation and misery.”

The cult, around since the 1980s during its establishment in Israel, is nothing new. Since its inception, the group has grown. It now has memberships in several countries around the globe, including Canada, the United States, and Guatemala.

Since their arrests, members have complained authorities are holding them in “subhuman conditions,” alleging poor treatment based on persecution.

Mexican authorities have not commented on the raid or the arrests.

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