Sen. Marsha Blackburn Takes Stand Against Mainstream ‘Border’ Bill

( – The controversial Senate national security package bill that includes provisions on border security is proving to be extremely unpopular with a number of Republicans, many of whom have slammed fellow party mates for backing legislation that fails to adequately address the security crisis the U.S. is facing in its Southern border.

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn has added her voice to those who have publicly expressed strong opposition to the bill, slamming the legislation as a means to “make illegal immigration legal.”

In a statement, Blackburn also scolded the administration of President Joe Biden for allowing “8.8 million illegal immigrants to flood our border”. The influx of migrants into the country, especially last year, put a strain on the resources and manpower of border towns and cities, who take on the burden of sheltering and providing for the new arrivals. Even the so-called “sanctuary cities” – many of which are run by Democrats – have buckled under the weight of providing for migrants and have repeatedly petitioned the federal government for aid. Cities like New York have also taken to suing the bus companies that ferry migrants and have imposed set schedules for migrant drop-offs in an effort to curb the arrival and entry of migrants.

Senator Blackburn also slammed the Biden administration’s inadequate handling and managing of migrants, claiming that “at least 85,000 migrant children have gone missing under the watch” of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Blackburn further argues that many of these children end up in the clutches of drug cartels and unvetted sponsors who aim to take advantage of their vulnerable situation.

Proponents of the border deal continue to attempt to negotiate with their colleagues in the legislature, but the bill’s prospects are poor at this point. The measure needs 60 votes to pass in the Senate, but according to a report from Politico, 24 senators have already said that they would not vote for it. Among these are three Democrats who oppose the measure for different reasons – the bill also includes aid packages to Ukraine and Israel. Democratic Senators Bob Menendez from New Jersey, Bernie Sanders from Vermont, and Alex Padilla from California say they will not vote for the bill as it includes a provision for unconditional support for Israel.

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