Senator Declares Biden’s Proposed Aid For Gaza ‘Dead On Arrival’

( – The United States Congress’ Republicans said humanitarian aid sent to Palestine will probably fall under Hamas’s control. Last Friday on the Hannity show, Senator Tom Cotton said there is an aid proposal promising to send $100 million to Gaza. Cotton said this aid would be “dead on arrival.”

Hannity said Biden should focus on preserving the United States over other countries. It is more important for the president to spend money on the nation he rules, the TV host claimed. Biden intends to send millions of dollars to Gaza and billions to Ukraine. Hannity also noted that Cotton believes the aid will be “dead on arrival.”

Cotton agreed with Hannity’s assertion. Cotton thinks the Senate Republicans are beginning to see the aid for the Israel-Hamas war the same way he does. He noted that Senator Mitchell McConnell said Israel should also receive aid, and so should Ukraine. As a result, another proposal is in the works. Cotton concurred and said the Israelis needed to receive humanitarian support. Cotton also highlighted the importance of not forgetting to defend America’s southern border when considering Israel’s borders and strengthening Taiwan against China.

Cotton said the proposals that Biden supports do not fund what America finds most important; the aid from Biden to Gaza would amount to $3.5 billion. The senator said the Hamas terrorists would receive humanitarian aid instead of the Gazan civilians. Biden’s proposal would also bring illegal aliens into the United States and place them in hotels. President Biden is only attempting to treat the “symptoms of the border crisis” and not the cause of it, in Cotton’s view. He said the American asylum and parole systems have been “abused” after being long neglected, and the President is seemingly writing a “wish list” for Democrats.

Cotton says the US should also continue to supply Ukraine with aid. Republicans in the Senate hope to change the strategies of the southern border to help slow the number of incoming migrants. They intend to pair those new policies with Biden’s proposal to give more money to help Ukraine fight its war against Russia.

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