Senator Proposes To Subpoena Jeffrey Epstein’s Flight Logs

( – Senator Marsha Blackburn is aiming to subpoena Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs in response to the growing investigations into people affiliated with conservative members of the Supreme Court by Democratic lawmakers. Among those targeted by Democratic lawmakers are Leonard Leo, a co-chairman of the renowned Federalist Society, and Harlan Crow, a major Republican donor.

Blackburn responded to the subpoenas against Crow and Leo by claiming Republicans should investigate Epstein’s flight logs to determine which Democratic lawmakers spent time around the convicted predator. Epstein’s flight logs remain hidden from the general public, sparking rumors that powerful lawmakers took part in Epstein’s heinous crimes.

Blackburn claims that the accusations of human trafficking and sexual assaults against Epstein prompted further investigation by lawmakers to determine who else could be involved with the horrible acts of Epstein. Other lawmakers, like Representative Lauren Boebert, support the proposed subpoenas, claiming that only people involved with the crimes perpetrated by Epstein would resist the measure.

During a hearing about certifying subpoenas against Supreme Court justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas, Blackburn proposed the subpoenas. Alito and Thomas face accusations of acting inappropriately and using their positions on the Supreme Court to receive gifts from people like Leo or Crow without disclosing the gifts to the general public. Some lawmakers fear Alito and Thomas accepted the gifts in return for favorable court outcomes, but such claims remain unsubstantiated.

According to Blackburn, Epstein’s flight logs are much more worthy of investigation than Alito’s or Thomas’s acceptance of gifts. Blackburn claims American citizens deserve to know which lawmakers interacted with Jeffrey Epstein and traveled to his infamous island.

Epstein pleaded guilty to crimes regarding child prostitution years before being arrested for allegedly assaulting dozens of underage victims on his island, but died in his jail cell before standing trial for the heinous crimes. Epstein’s death sparked nationwide theories about other people preventing the convicted predator from standing trial, and any details regarding potential visitors to Epstein’s island remain hidden from the public.

The proposal from Blackburn prevented any subpoenas from being certified, but it’s expected that Alito and Thomas will be subpoenaed in the coming weeks.

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