Shaq Foots Massive Restaurant Bill

Shaq Foots Massive Restaurant Bill

Shaquille O’Neal Just Spent $25K on This…

( – We’ve all heard those feel-good stories where someone in a drive-thru pays for the person behind them, or someone anonymously picks up the tab at a restaurant. Yet, it takes a rare and generous person to cover the meals for the patrons and staff of an entire restaurant. Fortunately for diners in one Manhattan restaurant, basketball great Shaquille O’Neal shared his good fortune with them.

On Sunday, June 12, O’Neal, dubbed Shaq by his fans, visited Jue Lan Club in New York City. He enjoyed his meal there and told the staff he wanted to pay for their meals at the restaurant and all of the customers eating there that evening. He asked the servers not to tell the customers what was happening — at least not until he left. The bill reportedly came to over $25,000. He also left one staff member “the biggest tip they’ve ever received.”

This incident is far from Shaq’s first act of kindness. He went viral last year for paying for a man’s engagement ring, and he’s renowned as a big tipper when he goes out. He even confirmed as much on Jimmy Kimmel and said he sometimes asks the waitstaff how much they want.

Shaq hadn’t publicly acknowledged his kind deed at the time of writing.

How do you feel about this act of kindness? Would you like to know where he’s eating next?

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