She’s OUT OF HERE – Toxic Leader Meets Her End!

( – Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is approaching the end of her time in office, which has been full of controversies since she won the elected position. Lighfoot has been faced with constant criticism from all sides of the political spectrum, due to her inability to turn Chicago around.

Her handling of the pandemic was flawed, crime rose dramatically under her leadership, and she even had a lawsuit filed against her. While some are sad to see Lightfoot’s time in office come to an end, others are quite thrilled at the prospect of Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson’s education oriented platform. Lightfoot is the first incumbent in forty years to not win reelection in Chicago.

Lightfoot is no stranger to controversies, having her constant scandals chronicled across the web over these last few years. Among her biggest scandals are the increase in Chicago’s crime rate to an unprecedented fifty-one percent, a hot mic incident that caught her using profanity, and leaked messages that showed her combative relations to many of Illinois’ other leaders. When considering the various scandals that followed Lightfoot throughout her time in office, it hardly comes as a surprise that Chicago citizens refused to vote her into office for another term. Chicago is in desperate need of change, and it seems the city has placed their hopes in the new incoming Mayor Brandon Johnson.

Johnson was sworn in on May 15th, and announced some of the policies he hopes to focus on during his time as Chicago’s 57th mayor. Among the different areas that Johnson hopes to emphasize during his time in office is affordable housing, as well as improved public transportation. Another big area that Johnson seems to be focusing on is education, an area that he has quite a lot of experience in.

Johnson is a former teacher, as well as an organizer of the Teacher’s Union of Chicago. While Johnson has yet to implement any policies, Chicago citizens are hopeful to see an actual change under his leadership. Whether or not Johnson can live up to his lofty goals remains to be seen.

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