Shooter Kills DOZENS – So Many Deaths!

Daycare Rampage Leaves Dozens Dead, Including 22 children

Daycare Rampage Leaves Dozens Dead, Including 24 Children

( – Parents might reasonably expect their children to be safe with professionals when leaving their offspring at a daycare center. Yet many parents recently returned to a nightmare in Thailand after a former policeman went on a rampage. In the aftermath, families and authorities faced dealing with the deaths of at least 24 children and 13 adults, including the shooter.

On Thursday, October 6, around noon, a lone gunman opened fire and brandished a knife at a daycare center in Uthai Sawan, a rural town in northeast Thailand. He shot up the facility, killing children as young as two and three years old with the knife. Several teachers died in the tragedy, including one holding a child in her arms.

Authorities confirmed they fired the former police officer, identified as 34-year-old Panya Khamrapm, according to Reuters News, earlier this year resulting from drug charges he faced. The shooter didn’t stop at the daycare center. He shot people outside as he walked to his car and continued firing as he drove away. When he got home, the assailant killed his wife and own child before turning the weapon on himself.

This has become the country’s worst mass shooting on record. It replaces the 2020 Nakhon Ratchasima incident that claimed the lives of 29 people in a mall.

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