Snopes Labels Claims That Biden Admin Is Giving Out Free Crack Pipes As MOSTLY False

Snopes Labels Claims That Biden Admin Is Giving Out Free Crack Pipes As MOSTLY False

( – When the news broke that the White House established a $30-million harm reduction initiative to provide low-income, underserved communities with “safe smoking” kits, the backlash was swift. It’s not the fact the contents help prevent the spread of disease at the heart of the attack, though; it’s what’s in the kits that’s causing a lot of eyebrows to raise.

Once the backlash started, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) struggled to do damage control, and apparently, Snopes was in on the action.

Despite initial confirmation from an HHS spokesperson to the Washington Free Beacon of the kits’ contents, Snopes still took it upon itself to verify the claims and label them as “MOSTLY” false. The tone throughout the post was snide, as a Leftist site is wont to do, and tried to clarify what the HHS said, even though there was evidence to the contrary. The kits were being pushed, and they did contain products that made it easy for drug users to continue smoking and shooting illicit substances.

Then, to make matters worse, after HHS released a statement stating the kits do not contain crack pipes, trying to reverse course, Snopes updated its post on the matter, calling it “outdated.”

Many, like President of the Maryland Fraternal Order of Police Sgt. Clyde Boatwright, disagree with the harm reduction program. He said the government should work to discourage and prevent drug abuse rather than encourage it by providing paraphernalia.

How do you feel about this? Should our government be supplying paraphernalia to drug users?

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