South Korean Leader Will No Longer Discuss Peace With Kim Jong-un

South Korean Leader Will No Longer Discuss Peace With Kim Jong-un

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( – Since the Korean War of 1950 to 1953, there have been increasing tensions between the North and South. Throughout the decades, South Korean presidents have taken different approaches to deal with the problematic neighbor to the north. However, President Yoon Seok-yeol, who took office on May 10, said the time of being conciliatory is now over.

In an exclusive interview with CNN on Monday, May 23, Yoon spoke of his predecessor Moon Jae-in’s actions and how he wouldn’t take the same approach, which he deemed a “failure.” Instead of appeasing its neighbor, Yoon has now put the ball firmly in North Korea’s — and Kim Jong-un’s — court.

Where Moon promoted peace and conversation, Yoon prefers to take a stronger stance and plans to build up South Korea’s military. However, he said he doesn’t want North Korea to collapse. Instead, Moon simply wants “shared and common prosperity on the Korean Peninsula” but also acknowledges Kim’s recent actions don’t exactly create that atmosphere.

For instance, North Korea has bolstered its nuclear activity this year, giving South Korea and the rest of the world cause for concern. Additionally, the country has tested 15 missile systems so far in 2022, more than it had in the prior 2 years combined.

Only time will tell if Yoon’s approach is more productive than his predecessor. Yet, the world is watching.

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