Space PHOTOS Show Something Strange In Russia!

10-Mile Line of People Fleeing Russia Can Reportedly Be Seen From Space

10-Mile Line of People Fleeing Russia Can Reportedly Be Seen From Space

( – More than seven months have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, and what many thought would be a quick celebration for President Vladimir Putin has become an extended losing battle. With losses topping an estimated 80,000 troops, the invading forces have struggled to keep their rosters fully staffed. As a result, Ukraine, under the leadership of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has successfully pushed back the aggressors. Yet, the Kremlin’s leader recently issued an executive order authorizing a partial mobilization to regain the upper hand and replace lost troops. According to reports, citizens are fleeing Russia to avoid forced conscription.

According to a satellite image from Maxar Technologies, visible below, people have queued in a line at least 10 miles long, trying to escape Russia and enter neighboring Georgia. Apparently, they are bolting following Putin’s mobilization order, which would result in military conscription.

Russians resorted to fleeing by car or foot after other methods became unavailable. According to the Moscow-based newspaper Lenta, flights to nearby countries sold out the same day Putin signed the decree. Newsweek reported people had also booked all available rail tickets out of the nation. Rumors of impending border closures have seemingly spurred the mass exodus. Many others who aren’t departing have taken to the streets in protest, decrying the mobilization.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s press secretary, said press outlets have “exaggerated” the reports of citizens leaving and warned about the dangers of releasing a “lot of fake information about this.”

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