State AG Sues Biden Admin Over Mail-Ordered Abortion Pills

( – Missouri’s attorney general is suing the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Senior Services for approving the shipment of chemical abortion pills into the state, violating state law. According to Attorney General Andrew Bailey, the suit is a result of retailers like Walgreens failing to heed a warning he issued earlier this year when he stated that any distribution of abortion pills is a violation of both state and federal law. Bailey isn’t alone in his lawsuit against the retailers, as twenty other states are joining in the lawsuit against the companies responsible for distributing the abortion medication.

Among Bailey’s primary complaints is that government officials in appointed positions aren’t allowed to approve the shipment, and the action amounts to an illegal federal overreach against state sovereignty. Bailey also claims that since the FDA is under the direction of the White House, the violation of state law stems from President Joe Biden’s policy decisions.

Bailey is confident that the lawsuit will succeed, claiming that the Supreme Court will uphold the statutory law of various states before it lets the Biden Administration determine state policy through reinterpretations of the law. The lawsuit originates from the companies’ decision to distribute the pills using a loophole that would redefine a rule under the FDA. That reinterpretation of the law allowed companies to obtain a certification to provide patients with the abortion drug after having it prescribed by a licensed physician.

The lawsuit is gaining traction in conservative states and will likely result in the case being brought before the Supreme Court. The lawsuit also requests an injunction against a recent rollback of safety guidelines involving the approval of several drugs and their shipment via the postal service. Bailey claims the lawsuit stems from a desire to protect the citizens of Missouri from federal overreach and prevent any loss of life through the use of abortion medication. Bailey is outspokenly pro-life and stated that Missouri will take the lawsuit against the Biden Administration as far as possible to “uphold the law.”

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