State Officials Beg Private Homeowners To Take In Illegal Immigrants

( – As Massachusetts continues to take in illegal immigrants, the state’s top official, Governor Maura Healey, is appealing to local residents to open their homes to shelter migrants who are in the country illegally.

The appeal comes as the state runs out of space and resources to house the said migrants – part of a nationwide crisis that has seen record numbers of outsiders enter and attempt to enter the United States. Migrant crossings for the first 27 days of December last year were at record highs, with border agents taking more than 225,000 migrants who crossed the southern border – the one the U.S. shares with Mexico – into custody. Official entries – processed through a government app – were at 50,000 a month.

A former U.S. immigration official, Theresa Cardinal Brown, called the number of arrivals “unsustainable”. Brown, who served during the terms of former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, said that it was not feasible to keep throwing money into initiatives to support these migrants.

Speaking of unsustainable, Governor Healey, a Democrat, declared a state of emergency in Massachusetts back in August last year, owing to the strain the sheer number of migrants in the state put on its resources. At that time, Massachusetts was already sheltering more than 20,000 people – or roughly 5,600 families. Just a year ago, in 2021, the state was supporting 3,100 families. Massachusetts is the only state in the U.S. that has a “right-to-shelter” law for families, which means that the state is mandated to provide shelter to all families who need it. The right apparently extends to illegal aliens, who are sheltered and supported by taxpayer dollars.

Fellow Democrat, Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll echoed Healey’s appeal, telling the state’s residents to “please consider hosting a family.”

The influx of migrants have also caused some to voice concerns regarding the communities they are placed in. In an op-ed written for the Boston Herald in August last year, conservative radio show host and political analyst Howie Carr asked if the state also guarantees the safety of the communities where illegal immigrants are given shelter in.

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