Sting: Undercover Students Record Vaccine Clinic Skirting Parental Consent

Undercover Students Secretly Record Clinic Vaccinating Students Without Parental Consent

( – The topic of vaccinating children against COVID-19 has been controversial from the get-go. Now, with schools hosting inoculation clinics, parents worry their kids might receive the jab without their consent. The Libs of TikTok channel seems to have proved these parents right.

On Monday, January 24, Libs of TikTok uploaded two videos to Twitter showing undercover students trying to circumvent the parental consent requirement through various means — and supposedly succeeding. The covert operatives attended a vaccination clinic at Denver’s Heritage High School. One video shows a student talking about getting the COVID-19 vaccine and presumably lying about their age and committing fraud, saying they were 20. The other shows a student providing a consent form that was later allegedly revealed not actually to be signed by the child’s parents.

Parents’ Concerns Go Ignored

Before the clinic took place, authorities sent out flyers, and concerned parents immediately reached out to the school district. Superintendent of Littleton Public Schools, Brian Ewert, reassured them students under the age of 18 wouldn’t be able to get the vaccine without a parent present. If the videos are true, then Ewert lied, and the trust parents placed in him was sorely misguided. In fact, the flyers say clinics don’t require ID to get the jab, so it makes sense that these kids could just walk in and sign up for the vaccine.

War on Parents

If there’s one thing these videos bring to light, it’s the ongoing war on parents’ involvement in their children’s lives and education — and now, apparently, in their medical decisions. In fact, in California, Senator Scott Wiener (D) is pushing legislation (SB 866) to lower the consent age for vaccinations to 12. This is an age when children are typically incapable of doing the necessary research behind the vaccine or even understanding what natural immunity is. Not to mention, they’re not mature enough to make their own medical decisions for anything else, so why should the COVID-19 vaccine be any different?

Although the school only hosted the pop-up clinic, parents are understandably outraged at how children could allegedly just walk in, lie about their age or present a doctored consent form and still receive the shot. What medical procedures adults choose to accept is their own decision, certainly, but parents should have the right to make these critical choices for their underage children without the outside interference of others willing to trample on those rights.

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