Strikes RAVAGE America – Biden Is LOVING It!

( – In a show of support for union organizers, President Joe Biden and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders met with organizers of various unions for corporate franchises like Starbucks, SEGA, and Minor League Baseball. Also in attendance were National Economic Council director Lael Brainard and the current acting Labor Secretary, Julie Su.

Biden has continuously stated that he’s the most “pro-union” president in history and has seemingly doubled down on this claim by inviting union organizers to the White House in a show of solidarity. Despite his support for unions, Biden receives favorable coverage and support from American corporations like Meta. The meeting comes during one of the most high-profile strikes in recent memory, the writer and actor union strike currently unfolding in Hollywood. Another strike could be on the way, as UPS workers are now threatening to strike.

The White House was asked by Teamsters President Sean O’Brien to avoid intervening should the UPS workers go on strike. O’Brien asked for the White House to instead focus on instances of corporate greed-oriented strikes like the Starbucks and SEGA movements. The UPS workers are threatening a strike for better working conditions and payments, but the Teamsters haven’t been willing to compromise, elevating the threat of a potential strike even further. Despite this, O’Brien remains confident that a satisfactory compromise can be reached without the White House forcing a contract through direct intervention.

While O’Brien has asked Biden to avoid intervening with the UPS strike, it wouldn’t be the first time Biden stepped in to avert a national strike during his administration. Biden famously intervened last year to avoid a nationwide railroad strike that would have crippled the United States supply chain. Biden touted the compromise as an incredible victory for his administration, raising questions about whether he’ll put his hand in again to avoid the economic harm of a UPS strike. While Biden hasn’t commented on whether the White House is planning on becoming involved with the contract negotiations, he can step in and secure yet another “victory” for his upcoming presidential campaign.

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