Student Whistleblower Punished! Outrage Goes VIRAL

( – A high school sophomore in Missouri was barred from attending school for three days after she captured her geometry teacher on camera uttering a racial slur in class.

Mary Walton from Glendale High School in Springfield was told on Friday that she would not be permitted to return to school until Wednesday due to her inappropriate use of electronic devices.

The instructor, whose name has not been revealed, used the slur on Tuesday and has been ousted from his teaching position. The school’s principal, Josh Groves, said the educator who had been initially placed on administrative leave was terminated as of Monday. He has not been publicly identified.

While federal law precluded them from discussing student discipline, officials said the student handbook clarified that inappropriate use of cell phones and other electronic devices would result in school disciplinary action.

Mary began filming on May 9 after the teacher had used the n-word multiple times. The teacher may be heard on Mary’s video defending his use of the slur.

He explained to a pupil that while he dislikes the word, he finds it just as offensive when Black people use it to refer to other Black people. A student noted how plantation owners degraded their slaves by using the word.

Another pupil tells the teacher that he would probably lose his job if he used the word. 

“Don’t say it,” he warned.

At one point, the teacher sees he is being recorded, and he tells Mary to stop and asks her to go to the principal’s office. Mary didn’t leave as the instructor switched gears and returned to the material. In the meantime, she shared the video with her mom and a close friend, asking for guidance.

The clip went viral on Twitter and Facebook within the hour. 

Mary Hull is reportedly still processing, and she doesn’t understand what it is she did wrong.

The Springfield Public Schools Student Handbook states that students “may be in possession of electronic devices such as cell phones, as long as their use does not disrupt the educational process or violate site use procedures.”

In the event of a violation, students may get a conference and up to a three-day suspension.

Mary was still not readmitted to school on Monday morning, and Hull said the family was “researching options” for what to do next.

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