Supermarket Mass Shooter To Stand Trial – Ruled Mentally Competent

( – The man accused of killing ten people in a Colorado supermarket will stand trial for his crimes, as a judge deemed him mentally competent and capable of understanding court proceedings. Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is accused of killing ten strangers after opening fire in a King Soopers store in 2021.

Still, prosecutors couldn’t move forward with the case against Alissa due to his prior diagnosis of schizophrenia. Due to the schizophrenia diagnosis, Alissa’s mental state required testing before the case against him could proceed. Now that a judge has deemed Alissa mentally competent, the stalled case against the accused shooter will proceed without further interruption. Despite the detailed plan laid out by Alissa to the authorities, questions arose about his understanding of the charges against him. Alissa refused to discuss the shooting in further detail after telling police he planned the shooting and wanted to commit suicide by cop, prompting questions about his ability to understand the pending legal action against him.

Despite a mental facility determining that Alissa’s mental competence wasn’t in question, the alleged shooter’s defense attorneys wanted the ruling to come from a judge’s decision. The judge overseeing Alissa’s case heard testimony from multiple sources, including mental health professionals, all of whom indicated that Alissa could understand the pending legal action against him despite being afflicted with schizophrenia. The judge overseeing the case also denied the defense’s motion to have another mental hospital test Alissa’s competence, likely to keep the legal action against the alleged shooter from stalling any further. If found guilty of the supermarket attack, Alissa may spend life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Alissa faces ten murder charges, each with an attached life sentence for punishment, as well as one charge for the attempted murder of a police officer. Following the tragedy, Alissa engaged local authorities in a firefight, likely in a deliberate attempt to lose his life, but the police managed to arrest Alissa and incarcerate him.

Following the tragedy, authorities denied the alleged shooter bail, keeping him locked behind bars until his pending trial. The trial faced numerous delays, including the aforementioned mental competency tests, but will now progress since Alissa is considered mentally competent. Alissa will likely be found guilty due to his acknowledgment of his crime and spend the rest of his natural life in prison.

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