Survey Reveals Majority Question Biden’s Win

( – According to a CNN survey, more than 60 percent of Iowa caucusgoers don’t believe President Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. CNN polled Republican voters attending the Iowa Caucus and asked about certain issues that many conservatives deem important. Among the topics featured in the poll are questions relating to immigration, the American economy, and abortion. The poll also included questions regarding the controversial 2020 presidential election, finding that 68 percent of Iowa caucus-goers don’t believe President Biden legitimately won.

Approximately 30 percent of the polled respondents believed Biden won the election without fraud, raising concerns about Biden’s credibility in Iowa. The poll also featured questions about former President Donald Trump, including whether or not voters would support him if convicted of a crime. Sixty-four percent of respondents claimed they would vote for Trump regardless of conviction, and 34 percent said they wouldn’t. The poll results indicate that approximately 53 percent of Iowa conservatives support Trump for the presidential nomination, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis coming in second place with 21 percent of the vote.

According to the poll’s respondents, the top issue for most conservative voters is immigration. Forty percent of Iowa caucus-goers identified the ongoing immigration crisis as their primary concern in the upcoming election. The second most important issue for most caucus-goers is the American economy, with 35 percent of respondents identifying it as their primary concern. Foreign policy and abortion are also critical issues, with each being the main focus of 11 percent of voters.

The poll featured responses from over 300 Iowa caucus-goers across 45 different locations. The poll also featured a three-percent margin of error, meaning the results are mostly accurate. CNN addressed the poll’s results, claiming that entrance polls are valuable tools for political analysts as they help identify critical issues for voters and their political views. CNN also said that the poll is predictive and could be inaccurate compared to this year’s upcoming election.

CNN also said that the poll’s respondents aren’t indicative of the entire electorate, as some passionate caucus-goers arrived earlier and left before the survey occurred. The poll’s results share similarities with the national election, including Trump’s position as the most popular Republican candidate. The respondents’ answers also raise concerns among members of the Democratic Party due to persisting doubts about President Biden’s legitimacy as commander-in-chief, which could lower his chances of winning battleground states in the upcoming presidential election.

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