Taiwan TV Apologizes for Reporting Chinese Missile Attack

Taiwan TV Apologizes for Reporting Chinese Missile Attack

(DailyVantage.com) – It’s common for Taiwan and its citizens to be on heightened alert for attacks as China continues its pattern of aggression toward the island nation as the larger country attempts to coerce the sovereign island back under its One-China rule. Still, if they tuned into the news earlier this week, Taiwanese citizens received quite the shock.

On Wednesday, April 20, the Taiwanese television station, Chinese Television System, featured a scrolling ticker on the bottom of the screen alerting residents to an attack during a live news broadcast. “A war could break out,” the messages said, indicating a Taipei train station was on fire. The ticker also said Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen supposedly declared a state of emergency. There’s only one problem — none of it happened.

To calm the masses, the news station apologized for the mishap, saying the messages were part of a drill that ended up on the news segment due to a technical issue. Fortunately, there were no outbursts of panic.

While this was a false alarm, the warnings of China attacking the island aren’t unfounded. In fact, the communist country has stepped up its military aggression over the past few years. Taiwan’s military is determined to prepare its citizens should these aggressions escalate. Military officials handed out a survival guide earlier this month, proving they’re taking the possibility of an imminent attack very seriously.

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