Taiwanese Military Infiltrated by Spies

Taiwanese Military Infiltrated by Spies

(DailyVantage.com) – Taiwan has been fighting for its independence for nearly a century, fighting off China’s gray-zone warfare attempts to maintain its self-governing democracy. So far, it’s managed to succeed, but it seems there’s been trouble brewing for over 20 years. If current allegations prove true, it appears there are spies amidst Taiwan’s military — and that could compromise everything the country has worked for so far.

According to documents obtained by Reuters, the man responsible for the espionage is none other than Xie Xizhang, a purported Hong Kong businessman who visited Taiwan with nefarious intentions. His role? Recruit spies for the mainland.

It started as a 2006 meeting between Xie and Chang Pei-ning, a retired Taiwanese naval officer. From there, Chang allegedly helped Xie recruit spies, developing a large ring comprised of both retired and active military officers. Large cash gifts, all-expenses-paid trips and even luxurious gifts for their wives drew in the officers. Documents indicate even President Tsai Ing-wen’s security isn’t guaranteed.

The goal of the spy ring is to leak sensitive military information to Beijing, to help them defeat the island nation once and for all. Taiwan’s spy catchers have been busy the last few years, sniffing out and convicting those who turned against the country. Now, Chang faces espionage charges, and there’s a warrant out for Xie’s arrest.

According to the Ministry of National Defense in Taipei, counter-intelligence actions have been successful despite the mainland’s efforts. Officials maintain, “There has been no infiltration.”

The Taiwan Affairs Office in Beijing has not responded to inquiries about the matter.

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