Taliban Tells Female News Anchors To Cover Their Faces in Act of Tyranny

Taliban Tells Women News Anchors To Cover Their Faces in Act of Tyranny

Taliban Issues INSANE New Order To Women

(DailyVantage.com) – When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban after the United States’ chaotic August 2021 withdrawal, many people feared women would bear the brunt of the incoming regime. Despite statements to the contrary, the terrorist organization wasted no time putting restrictions back into place. Earlier this month, the Taliban mandated that women must wear head-to-toe hijabs when they leave the house, although the organization made it clear it prefers women not leave home at all. Now, they’ve taken it a step further.

On Thursday, May 19, the Taliban ordered female news anchors to cover their faces while on air. Some of the female journalists complained that the coverings interfered with their ability to do their jobs and, in some cases, made it difficult for them to speak or even breathe. Others worried this was just the beginning, and the next step would be forcing women off the air completely.

The move caused a backlash on social media, and the women’s male co-workers staged a protest in solidarity. They showed their support by wearing masks themselves. This situation sparked a social media campaign with the hashtag #FreeHerFace.

In the face of increasing edicts against women, some refuse to take the easy way out and resign. According to an anonymous woman, “We are the voices of those who are not allowed to go to schools, universities, and work. If we leave, who will speak for them?”

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