Teen Rapper Fatally Shoots Himself by Accident During Video

(DailyVantage.com) – A teenage rapper from Virginia has made national headlines after he shared a video of himself holding a pistol, which he used to shoot himself in the head.

The rapper in question was Rylo Huncho, a 17-year-old with a sizable social media following and well-known among younger rap fans. Huncho shared a video on his Instagram account where he was tossing around a handgun that had a laser sight, which he then aimed at his head while yelling an expletive. Huncho then pulled the trigger and died immediately from the self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Immediately following Huncho’s death, the teenage rapper’s family shared more information about the incident and the ongoing investigation. According to Huncho’s cousin, who established a GoFundMe page for the late rapper, police have confirmed that Huncho committed suicide but are still investigating his reason for doing so. Huncho’s family claims the rapper didn’t intend to shoot himself and instead accidentally pulled the trigger during the fatal shooting. Huncho’s cousin also claimed that investigators aren’t sure if Huncho intentionally killed himself or if the fatal shooting stemmed from a negligent discharge.

Huncho’s cousin claimed that the rapper’s mother needed support from the community following the tragic incident and asked online supporters to donate to her GoFundMe page. Huncho’s friends also shared information about the rapper’s death, with one friend claiming he learned about the teenager’s death after someone texted him about the fatal shooting. According to Twin Porter, Huncho’s friend, online commenters have been increasingly negative about the teenage rapper following his death. Porter claimed that social media users had shared the video of Huncho’s death frequently and mocked the teenage rapper for shooting himself.

While many online users mocked Huncho and shared the video of the rapper’s suicide, others have cited the video as evidence of a lack of gun safety education. Youtuber Amiri King is among the online personalities citing Huncho’s death as the result of poor firearms training and called for more gun safety education in areas known for violent crime or firearm possession. King also claimed that if schools added firearm training to their curriculum, future deaths like Huncho’s would be easily avoidable. While Huncho’s family has stated that the rapper accidentally shot himself, investigators are still looking into the teenage rapper’s death to determine if he had a motive for the fatal shooting.

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