Teen Sentenced To Life In Prison After Fatal Carjacking Of Grandma

(DailyVantage.com) – A jury in Lousiana recently convicted a teenager for the fatal carjacking of an elderly woman, with the judge overseeing the trial sentencing him to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years. According to the family of 73-year-old Linda Frickey, the victim, the sentence imposed on 18-year-old John Honore, the carjacker, is “justice” and provides them closure regarding the heinous crime. Honore’s case made national headlines due to the graphic nature of Frickey’s injuries, with some of Frickey’s family members describing the teen as a “demon.”

Frickey died in 2022 after Honore stole her car alongside three other teenage girls. Honore beat Frickey to get her out of the car, but her arm got tangled in the car’s wheel well. Honore drove off with Frickey still stuck in the car, dragging her across the pavement before her arm eventually separated from the rest of her body after she hit a utility pole. Frickey died from her wounds shortly after losing her arm. A nearby security camera caught the entire incident on video, which quickly circulated on various websites days after the initial carjacking.

Honore’s accomplices each pled guilty to lesser charges of manslaughter and received 20 years in prison for their involvement in the fatal carjacking. Honore denied a plea deal and went to trial for the murder of Frickey. After just seven hours, the jury returned a guilty verdict for second-degree murder, prompting the judge’s determination of a life sentence for Honore. Honore wrote an apologetic letter to Frickey’s family during the trial, claiming his decision to steal Frickey’s car was his life’s biggest mistake.

While Honore could receive parole after serving at least 25 years in prison, Frickey’s family said they would attend any potential parole hearings for the teen to fight against his release. One of Frickey’s relatives commented that they’d attend any parole hearings to determine if Honore could be redeemed for the crime and said that he could receive a second chance at life as he’ll only be 43 years old if his first parole application succeeds. The family also issued a warning to other potential criminals in the area while discussing Honore’s actions.

According to Frickey’s relatives, other prospective carjackers should reconsider committing crimes in New Orleans, Louisiana. The family referred to New Orleans’s new district attorney, whom they say isn’t “playing around” when prosecuting criminals in the area.

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