Tensions RISING – China Ready to Hit Back in Trade War

(DailyVantage.com) – China’s ambassador to the United States spoke about a potential trade war between the two nations, stating that China doesn’t want to raise hostilities between the two nations but will react to any further trade restrictions from the United States. Ambassador Xie Feng refers explicitly to the United States restrictions regarding computer chip production and microchips imposed by the Biden administration last year.

Chinese officials claim the restrictions are an effort by the United States to limit China’s technological development and have responded by imposing similar restrictions against the United States. The discourse surrounding a potential trade war has been ongoing since Donald Trump’s administration, with tensions escalating since Joe Biden took office and emphatically claimed the United States would defend Taiwan against China in the event of an invasion. Biden remains vague about his administration’s position regarding Taiwan’s sovereignty, likely to avoid further conflict with China.

The Biden administration is attempting to reach a climate deal with China, with John Kerry visiting the country just days ago. Despite Kerry’s visit, an official climate deal hasn’t materialized between the two nations. While Kerry’s attempt to reach a satisfactory compromise failed, Chinese officials stated that the two countries could reach a climate agreement if political demands were satisfied. John Kerry’s visit to China isn’t the only time a member of the Biden administration attempted to negotiate amid growing hostilities between the two countries; Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited months ago for similar reasons.

While tensions between China and the United States have grown steadily over the past few years, US officials are working to keep communications between the two nations open. A massive concern for many top US officials is the United States cybersecurity, as China maintains technological superiority in areas like hacking and cyberattacks. China’s technological lead over the United States and top officials’ concern for national security serve as the basis for the restrictions against China, which could result in the trade war mentioned by Xie Feng.

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