Terrorist Leader Says a Powerful Military Leader Is Dead

Terrorist Leader Says a Powerful Military Leader Is Dead

Terrorist Leader DEAD – Massive Attack Reported

(DailyVantage.com) – While much of the world focuses on the Russia-Ukraine war, it’s easy to forget battles being waged in other countries. For instance, Israel has been at war with Iran and its allies for decades. To that effect, the Israelis have carried out several airstrikes in parts of the Middle East, like Syria, to combat terrorist forces. In April, it seems like they took out a prominent leader.

On Thursday, April 28, the Islamic State says Israel carried out an attack, killing leader Abu Omar al-Ansari in Egypt’s Sinai Province. According to a report the terror organization posted in its al-Naba paper, it accused Israel of stepping up its support for the Egyptian army.

In fact, Israel has been helping Egypt battle insurgent forces, particularly in areas close to the Gaza Strip. This situation doesn’t represent the extent of their diplomacy, however. In March, the two countries agreed to expand their economic ties to increase export capacity under the QIZ Protocol.

Both Israel and Egypt have kept their ties under wraps for the most part. When Israel does carry out drone strikes, for example, it often uses unmarked aircraft and hides the origins of the strikes.

Neither country has commented on Abu Omar al-Ansari’s death, and it’s unclear when or where he died.

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