The GOP Has Something to Say About Manchin’s Resistance to BBB

The GOP Has Something to Say About Manchin's Resistance to BBB

( – Democrats have been trying to push the Build Back Better Act through Congress for months now, to no avail. What initially started as a $4-trillion bill was whittled away little by little before becoming the $1.75-trillion package now up for debate. It seemed to be making good progress, having passed the House of Representatives in late November. However, on December 19, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) dealt a devastating blow to the bill, causing Republicans to speak out.

“This Is a No”

Manchin appeared on Fox News Sunday, saying he could not support the bill as it stood. However, he doesn’t attribute his lack of support to President Joe Biden, saying, “He’s been wonderful to work with.” The Senator’s hesitation, he says, has been there from the beginning. He cites inflation, COVID and the increasing national debt as the main reasons for his decision.

In the end, he says, he couldn’t go through with it because “I tried everything I know to do,” and the numbers just weren’t adding up for him.

Republicans Applaud Manchin

While Democrats, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), attack Manchin for his “betrayal,” numerous Republicans have spoken out in favor of his decision. Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), for example, called Manchin a “statesman” and a “sane Moderate Democrat,” saying he’s putting his constituents first over his party’s demands. Former President Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr, also spoke out in favor of the West Virginia senator, saying he “deserves credit for opposing this radicalism.”

West Virginia Residents Speak Out

In addition to support from the Republican Party, Manchin’s constituents have also spoken out, thanking the Senator for killing the bill. Several spoke with Fox News, saying they agreed with his take on the bill. They said the US couldn’t afford to spend money hand over fist as a country.

“I support Joe Manchin 120%,” one resident said, continuing, “West Virginia is suffering for Biden’s choices.” Another woman said, “Nothing in that bill was going to help West Virginia.” She added it would cost them jobs, further exacerbating the situation they’re already experiencing.

For now, it seems the Build Back Better Act is dead in the water. That doesn’t mean we might not see some form of it, as Democrats are already looking to salvage the spending bill, however much they can. But, one thing people can count on is Manchin’s fiscal responsibility in whatever may manifest next.

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