This Bill Just Sparked Outrage From Liberals Everywhere!

( – On Thursday a Republican-controlled legislature in Kansas made headlines when it passed a bill that requires individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds to their biological sex. 

The Republican rationale for the bill is that it will protect the privacy of biological women. Trans-women, who are biologically male, will not be permitted to share the same facilities as women. This discernment between the sexes, Republicans argue, is absolutely necessary. 

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, a liberal Democrat, vetoed the measure, saying that it would “reverse much of the progress we’ve made in recent years”. 

The Kansas legislature, however, promptly squashed Kelly’s efforts to overturn the bathroom bill. The House voted decisively, 84-40, to override the veto. And the Senate followed suit with a 28-12 vote. 

Though the conservative right is celebrating the triumph of the bill, gender ideologues on the left are outraged. 

Since the announcement of the bill’s success on Thursday, LGBTQ+ groups have been protesting relentlessly. One far-left Twitter user said that the bill was “Absolutely Horrifying” because it defines “trans people out of law”. 

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has also come out against the bill, saying that it “lacks clarity” and can be interpreted in very negative ways. 

The bill, which will officially be enacted on July 1st, is not the only one of its kind. Similar bills are expected to pass Republican-controlled legislatures in Montana and Tennessee as well. And in North Dakota, Governor Doug Burgum already signed a conservative bathroom bill on Tuesday.

On social media, left-wing provocateurs are labeling the bills “anti-trans”. But, in fact, each bill in question is only attempting to separate the sexes in a way that is biologically accurate. 

The passage of these controversial bills, which resoundingly reject radical left-wing gender ideology, serve as a devastating blow to the Democratic Party’s cultural agenda, even in states with Democratic Governors.

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