Three Sisters All Reach 100th Birthday

Three Sisters All Reach 100th Birthday

( – One hundred years is a long time. Over the last century, the human race has undergone immeasurable changes to social norms, technological capabilities, and world politics. It’s difficult to imagine watching so much unfold in real-time throughout a single lifetime; however, three sisters from Kansas have had the opportunity to do exactly that.

On November 11, 2021, Frances Kompus celebrated her 100th birthday. That’s remarkable enough in itself, but it’s not the most surprising detail of her story. Kompus has two surviving elder sisters, Lucy Pochop (102) and Julia Kopriva (104).

The three sisters, all of whom are now mothers and grandmothers, grew up in Beardsley, Kansas. Speaking to local media shortly after Kompus’ 100th birthday, they recalled the things they had lived through, including the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. While they recalled their younger days fondly, they said times are generally much better now.

One thing that’s changed over the years, they said, is the female wardrobe. As younger women, they would only have worn dresses, never trousers. They also discussed the practical advances they’ve seen in society in the last few decades, such as the advent of washers and dryers.

In terms of advice to the next generation, the sisters said we should respect our elders, prioritize our faith, eat well, and walk a lot.

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