Tiger Woods Will Never Go Back to Golfing Full Time

Tiger Woods Will Never Go Back to Golfing Full Time

(DailyVantage.com) – Tiger Woods has been a golfing legend basically since he won his first Masters in 1997, becoming not only the youngest but the first African-American man to win the coveted tournament. During his time in the spotlight, he’s gone through several challenges, including a highly-publicized divorce and, most recently, a horrific car accident that could’ve claimed his life. Now, he’s speaking out about his possible return to the greens.

Early Career

Back in 1997, Tiger Woods seemed to have it all. He was well on his way as one of the top professional golfers in the scene. Woods won his first Masters in 1997, then went on to win the US Open in June 2000. Over the next few years, injuries riddled his career, and he endured several surgeries — 10 per his count — half of which included back surgeries, which involved a protracted and painful recovery period. Add in a divorce that smeared his name across tabloid after tabloid, and his career seemed destined to fade away.

However, Woods proved time and again that he could achieve whatever he put his mind to, as demonstrated when he won the 2018 Tour Championship and again when he won the Masters in 2019.

The Nearly Fatal Accident

In February 2021, Woods made headlines again when he was in a horrific car accident. Reports had him speeding nearly 45mph over the speed limit, going 87 when he crashed his SUV in a single-car accident. Fortunately, the Masters champion was wearing a seatbelt and survived, but not without excruciating injuries — one which almost claimed his leg. In fact, he had nearly a 50% chance of amputation, which would have been the final nail in the coffin of his career. After months of recovery, he’s finally making strides, even if they’re slower than he’d like.

Woods’ Stark Reality

As one of the most successful golfers in history, the thought of being able to climb back to the top quickly must play on Woods’ mind. He posted a video on Instagram captioned “making progress,” but he acknowledges he’s not anywhere near where he wants to be in terms of his recovery.

Woods claims he’s reached the realization he’s not going to be able to play as he did before at all. Back-to-back tournaments are a thing of the past. Now, he’s focusing on picking and choosing particular contests to compete in, but they won’t include the top matches like the US Open or the Masters. Instead, he’s taking a more realistic approach. As he recently acknowledged, he’s going to have to slow down. “It’s an unfortunate reality, but… I understand… [and] accept it.”

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