Top Conservative JUMPS In – He Does NOT Hold Back

( – Mark Levin, a conservative commentator, has called out Bill Barr over his response to the newest federal indictment leveled against Trump. 

Levin called Barr “repulsive,” and went on to say that Barr’s statements regarding the indictment were ignorant. Barr was the Attorney General during the Trump Administration, and has made headlines in recent memory due to his willingness to publicly criticize Donald Trump and his political decisions. Barr even wrote a book about his time under Trump’s presidency, and has made numerous appearances in which he’s seen talking about Trump at length. 

Levin called Barr ignorant and also said that Barr has likely violated the Espionage Act himself during his time as the Attorney General. Levin said that if Barr had ever viewed classified material while in transit, he’s violated the Espionage Act. Levin also went on to claim the indictment against Trump was targeted, as other political figures like Joe Biden and Mike Pence also allegedly mishandled classified info but aren’t facing legal repercussions for doing so.

Barr has been making numerous appearances to discuss the federal indictment, and what it means for Trump moving forward. Barr has claimed that the indictment is “very damning” and that Trump won’t be able to claim it’s a witch hunt as a defense. Barr stated that Trump has been targeted in the past, but that the indictment wasn’t an example of that kind of political targeting. 

Barr’s comments have seemingly landed him in Trump’s crosshairs, as Trump has publicly blasted Barr, calling his former Attorney General “a coward.” Barr is the latest person to be publicly lambasted as Trump, joining frequent Trump targets Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden. Trump’s current predicament raises questions about whether or not the former president could end up in prison, which would be a historic first among American presidents. Trump has remained adamant that even if he’s convicted, he intends to run for office in the 2024 election.

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