( – Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr. slammed President Biden and his Department of Defense for announcing the transfer of cluster munitions to Ukraine. The Biden administration announced the plan to send Ukraine M864 155-millimeter artillery shells, which are controversial for the possibility of ‘dud’ submunitions that could harm civilians.

In a tweet, RFK Jr. said, “Cluster bombs are munitions so horrific for civilians that more than a hundred nations have signed an international treaty banning them. Now the Biden administration is preparing to send them to Ukraine.”

Congressional pushback has also been sparked by Republicans and Democrats alike since the weapon has been banned in over 100 countries. Furthermore, the White House asserted last year that Russia’s use of the weapon could even be a war crime. Despite this, Biden has defended the measure and has even gained support from House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas).

“All the Ukrainians and Zelenskyy are asking for is to give them the same weapons the Russians have to use in their own country against Russians who are in their own country… They want these for self-defense. I don’t see anything wrong with that,” McCaul said.

This continued foreign policy of the Biden administration could impact his performance in the upcoming 2024 election. A recent Emerson poll puts Biden’s job disapproval at 51% compared to his job approval of only 41%, which has remained on par or worse than Trump’s job approval at the same time during his presidency. In a close race that will likely be determined by undecided voters, another aspect that could impact Biden’s run is RFK’s campaign. In the Democratic primary, Biden holds a 56-point lead; however, RFK Jr. has made his way into the double digits and is nearing 20%, which could indicate that if Biden wins the nomination, he will need to spend time ensuring his base is unified ahead of a general election against the Republican nominee.

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