Top Dem Leaves Basement – Everyone Wishes He HADN’T

( – Democratic Senator John Fetterman recently crashed a press conference that was being held by Senator Bernie Sanders, in which Fetterman stumbled through his written speech that urged President Biden to use his 14th Amendment powers rather than make a deal with Republicans over the impending debt ceiling crisis.

Fetterman was wearing his typical questionable outfit, showing up to the conference in a white Carrhart hoodie and shorts, while his peers were all dressed formally in suits and ties. The public appearance comes just weeks after Fetterman returned to his position, following a lengthy leave of absence. The press conference in question was covering the possibility of the US defaulting on its debts, which Democrats present at the event blamed on Republicans. Fetterman’s appearance is questionable, as he’s been faced with constant criticism and doubts regarding his competency from citizens in recent memory.

Fetterman recently faced controversy during his leave of absence, in which he checked himself into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to get treatment for clinical depression. Despite claims from his staff that he was still actively engaged in various legislative items like a rail safety bill. Fettermen isn’t the only Democratic Senator to have been absent from their position in recent memories, as Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein was also notably absent for multiple weeks due to a case of the shingles. Although both senators have recently returned to their duties at Washington, many doubt their competency.

Feinstein is the oldest sitting US Senator in the country, and is 89 years old. While many feel as though both senators’ continued service is concerning, without Fetterman and Feinstein the Democrats would have a shaky majority that could eventually be lost. When Feinstein and Fetterman were absent, the Senate was split 49-49, and neither party had a full majority. 

Fetterman’s refusal to step down isn’t only concerning to citizens because of his clinical depression diagnosis. Fetterman was also recently the victim of a stroke, raising questions about his mental competency. The stroke was almost fatal, and left Fetterman hospitalized for multiple days. Since his stroke people have noticed Fetterman’s behavior changing. He stumbles frequently, relies on pre-written speeches like the one he used at the aforementioned press conference, and seemingly refuses to dress in formal attire for the sake of comfort.

Despite these public concerns Fetterman is adamant that he will remain in office, allowing the Democrats to maintain their majority for now.

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