Top Dem Stoops To MOB Tactics – Things Could Get UGLY

( – The Democrat Representative Pramila Jayapal stated recently that riots were “possible” if the Biden administration and Congress reach an agreement that allows for government spending cuts, The Daily Caller reported. Jayapal told CNN reporter Manu Raju that, in her view, there would be a “huge” backlash from the Democratic Caucus in the House, definitely from progressives, but also, that she expected backlash “in the streets.” 

Jayapal also stated that, in her view, it was important not to take “steps back” as Congress made a decision about national spending, The Daily Caller reported. 

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned earlier this year that the United States would likely default on its loans, for the first time in its history, if a debt ceiling agreement was not reached. Yellen has since updated Congress with a forecast that puts that default date on June 1. At the time of this report, the Treasury Secretary maintained that, if the United States fails to reach a national budget agreement, there will be little the treasury or the federal government can do to prevent a default on June 1, Reuters reported. 

Jayapal’s warning came as small townships in America faced budget cut constraints at their level as well. In Mount Airy, North Carolina where protesters met to call out spending cuts to fundamental programs, Mt. Airy News reported on May 19. Protesters held up signs calling for the town to “support the arts” and to “fund the library system.” 

Political tensions are on the rise as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden continue to debate the terms of reaching a debt ceiling crisis solution. McCarthy is juggling a “balancing act” with the budget talks, The New York Times reported on May 24. 

On May 24, the debt ceiling talks had “reportedly” hit a snag over the level of national spending, NBC reported. At the time of this report, there were eight days left until the national debt ceiling agreement deadline was reached. 

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