Top Republican Accuses NY Judge Of Bias And Bizarre Behavior In Trump Trial

( – The third most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives, Representative Elise Stefanik, is accusing a New York judge overseeing Donald Trump’s trial of bias and acting bizarrely. Stefanik also filed an ethics claim against Judge Arthur Engoron, claiming the judge is using his position to persecute the Trump family unfairly.

Engoron presides over Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial, in which the former president faces accusations that he and other high-ranking Trump business officials allegedly misrepresented the value of his New York real estate holdings for financial gain. Since the case began, Engoron has faced accusations of being biased due to his ties with Democratic officials and his bizarre behavior. According to some reports, Engoron smiled when cameras entered the courtroom and captured the opening moments of the trial.

The case against Trump is currently in a non-jury trial, meaning Engoron will determine the outcome of the fraud case. Due to the case’s civil nature, regardless of whether Engoron finds the accusations against Trump true, Trump will not spend time in prison for the alleged fraud.

Stefanik claims that the gag order imposed against Trump is another instance of Engoron acting inappropriately and using his position to limit Trump’s freedom of speech. Engoron claimed the order was a response to Trump’s outspoken criticisms against the New York court and increasing threats from the American public.

Stefanik also stated that the case against Trump belongs in a commercial division court due to the highly technical financial information required in fraud cases of this scale. The case alleges misrepresented valuations of millions of dollars, which usually prompts a case to be removed to a commercial division court. Engoron instead chose to keep the case in his court, which Stefanik claims is a clear example of bias against Donald Trump.

Trump claims Engoron is biased against him and took to Truth Social to criticize the judge’s performance. Trump’s comments about the judge are receiving national attention and will likely prompt more restrictive gag orders against the former president.

The ethics complaint against Engoron will move forward in New York, but details about any alleged misconduct will remain private until an ethics committee finds Engoron acted inappropriately against Trump or other defendants in his courtroom.

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