Top U.S. Scientists Are Getting Mysterious Offers From China

China Recruiting Away US Scientists To Work on Missiles and Drones, Says Report

China Recruiting Away US Scientists To Work on Missiles and Drones, Says Report

( – It’s no secret that China poses a counterintelligence threat to the United States. There are currently thousands of open FBI cases where bad actors have tried and sometimes succeeded in stealing our technology and intellectual property. Still, a recent report from Strider Technologies is even more concerning.

The 32-page report released this year does a deep dive into scientists who China purportedly sent over to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, then called on to return home and share the information they learned. The communist country paid scientists up to $1 million through its “talent programs.” Los Alamos is the birthplace of nuclear weapons and, thus, could hold a treasure trove of information for those looking to harm US national security interests.

While intelligence officials treated these programs with suspicion, this report is the first to go in-depth about those involved and the roles they played. Further, the lead author cautions that time is of the essence.

While most of the scientists outlined in the report seem legitimate, there are exceptions. In 2020, Turab Lookman, an employee at Los Alamos National Laboratory, pleaded guilty to lying about his involvement in one of China’s trade programs. A federal court later sentenced him to probation, remanding him to the state of New Mexico. Why would he feel the need to lie if it were truly a work program to further skills rather than an opportunity to steal proprietary US defense information?

If this is genuinely a national security issue, perhaps federal authorities should take action sooner rather than later to prevent the right information from falling into the wrong hands. With the tensions between the US and China steadily increasing, is it really a risk worth taking?

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