Trespasser Arrested TWICE At RFK Jr’s Home

( – Police arrested a young man named Jonathan Macht twice in one day for attempting to trespass on Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s property. According to Kennedy, the young man climbed the fence surrounding his house before being arrested by authorities. After being released from custody, the trespasser returned to Kennedy’s house and attempted to reenter the property.

Macht initially entered the property at 9:30 in the morning, and police stopped him from breaking back in later that evening at 6:10 p.m. Kennedy claims the repeated trespasses are evidence that he requires a secret service detail, given his status as a highly controversial presidential candidate, but so far his requests for security are being denied. Kennedy remains one of the more popular candidates running in the 2024 election, but his candidacy is a threat to members of the Democratic Party, who fear he will steal support from President Biden by running as an independent. Republicans share similar concerns regarding Kennedy’s candidacy, believing the controversial independent would steal critical support from former President Donald Trump’s campaign.

The lack of a security detail for Kennedy is being widely criticized by various public figures, including Kennedy’s wife, Cheryl Hines, who claims President Joe Biden is denying the Secret Service protection requests for political reasons. Hines claims that denying Kenedy protection is a “political strategy” on behalf of the Biden Administration, but she clarified that she and Kennedy have respect for President Biden and the White House. Kennedy already possessed a private security detail, which prevented Macht from causing any harm to the presidential candidate. Still, personal security is costly and lacks the experience and funding the Secret Service maintains.

Kennedy’s candidacy as an independent drew heavy criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike but received massive support from donors and celebrities following his announcement. Just hours after announcing his intention to run independently, Kennedy’s SuperPAC raised over $11 million in donations. According to Politico, most donations came from Republicans, but Democrats also supported Kennedy as an alternative to the controversial campaign of President Biden.

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