Trump Agrees to Biden’s Proposal for Debates in June and September

( – American voters may finally see former president Donald Trump step onto a debate stage after he agreed to debate President Joe Biden.

An agreement was apparently struck after Biden accepted an invitation from CNN to debate Trump.

“Over to you, Donald. As you said: anywhere, any time [sic], any place [sic],” Biden posted on X / Twitter. Trump responded to the invitation in an interview with Fox News, saying that he “will be there”, also alluding that the face-off may be held in Atlanta.

The outline of a proposal for the two prospective nominees for the Republican and Democratic parties to a debate was first submitted by the campaign team of Biden and Harris to the Commission on Presidential Debates. The proposal is a departure from the usual practice of three debates in the fall which would be organized by the presidential debate commission. Ostensibly, Trump and Biden will be pitting their platforms – and quips – against each other as early as June. Another debate will be held in September.

While Trump has repeatedly criticized the Commission on Presidential Debates as an organization that is “totally controlled by Democrats,” the former president said that he is fine with the terms proposed by the Biden-Harris team. In fact, Trump said that he welcomes the prospect of once again facing off with his rival on the debate stage, and is not worried at all given that he says that “Crooked Joe Biden is the worst debater” he has ever faced.

For its part, the Biden-Harris campaign also had a number of conditions it wanted met before the president would agree to a debate. Among other things, Biden only wants himself, Trump, and the moderator present during the debate – aside from the shooting crew, there should be no audience present. The president also wants that the debate be exclusively between him and his predecessor – which means that Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will not be allowed to participate.

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