Trump Allies Call Emergency Meeting Over Russia

Trump Allies Call Emergency Meeting Over Russia

( – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked heated debate within the GOP regarding just how involved the United States and NATO allies should be. In fact, it’s gone so far as to cause a schism in the Republican Party. On Thursday, March 31, American Conservative magazine, in collaboration with American Moment, a conservative organization, held an emergency meeting in Washington, DC.

With over 100 Conservatives in attendance, multiple allies of former President Donald Trump addressed the crowd and expressed worry over both the situation in Ukraine and the reported resurgence of the neocons, or Hawks, who view Russia’s aggression as a means to jump back into the war zone.

Vance Represents America First Views, Echoes Trump

J.D. Vance, a conservative commentator running for Senate in Ohio, echoed most of former President Donald Trump’s thoughts and policies in an impassioned speech to attendees whom he urged to be among the “non-insane people in Washington.” He believes in an America-First agenda (Firsters), much like Trump, who was determined to do away with military intervention overseas. Rather, he wanted to keep troops at home and avoid fighting others’ battles for them.

While most of the daylong conference focused on Hawks and the danger they allegedly pose to America, speakers did address Ukraine, albeit briefly. Seemingly drawing inspiration from a manifesto titled “Away From the Abyss,” they all agreed Ukraine needs to stand on its own feet and Western involvement in the battle is a threat to its sovereignty.

According to Politico, William Ruger, president of the American Institute for Economic Research, said, “The neocons seem strangely [bolstered] by the current crisis.” Other attendees said the Hawks view it as a way of putting “points on the board,” something they’ve failed to do for years. Where Hawks see Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion as a global threat, Firsters believe the real battle and invasion are happening on the southern US border, right here at home, and with the ongoing war on drugs which claimed 100,000 lives last year alone.

The conference showed a divide in the Republican Party and a clear division in how GOP members think the US should handle the Russian invasion.

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