Trump AMBUSHED – Former Ally Pulls Fast One!

( – Former Attorney General during the Trump Administration, Bill Barr, has criticized his former boss Donald Trump in relation to how Trump reacted to his treatment by the Department of Justice. Barr claimed that the DOJ has treated the former president fairly, in particular when investigating Trump’s retention of classified documents.

Barr went on to say that he believes Trump could be indicted for the classified documents incident, as there was substantial evidence that Trump behaved inappropriately during the time following his presidency. Despite this supposed evidence, the possibility of a federal jury indicting Trump on this particular charge isn’t entirely certain. Barr has seemingly gone against the stance of his former boss, noting that should the DOJ decide to pursue legal action, it wouldn’t be a “witch hunt,” as Trump has constantly claimed online. 

Barr hasn’t been shy when criticizing Trump in the past, as he’s been featured on various outlets such as making comments about Trump’s flaws. Barr even went as far as to say it’s a “horror-show” when Trump is left to his own devices.

During the same interview Barr went on to say that Trump was the last person who’d be fit to serve as the president, in an interview that appeared somewhat biased. Barr’s interviewer, Geraldo Rivera, affirmed that Barr was his favorite person in Washington D.C. multiple times during the conversation with Barr. Barr did the interview to promote a book about his time as Trump’s Attorney General.

While Barr’s comments about Trump were mainly meant to critique the former president’s policies and personality, he has reaffirmed his belief that in the near future Trump will be slammed with another federal indictment. Should that indictment come to fruition, it seems incredibly unlikely that Trump will be able to successfully perform during the 2024 election.

Trump’s already set to appear for a criminal trial in the midst of the primary season, so another criminal case unfolding later in the year would seriously hinder his ability to secure a win against incumbent Joe Biden.

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