Trump Attempts to Reverse Ruling in Major Fraud Case

( – After losing a civil fraud trial in New York, former President Donald Trump’s legal team plans to appeal the ruling against the former president and prevent the massive required payout for damages, totaling more than $450 million. Trump lost a civil fraud case in New York after the judge, Arthur Engoron, ruled against the former president and ordered him to pay $454 million in damages, including interest. Engoron also attached interest to the damages payout, increasing the total by approximately $100,000 daily.

During the case against Trump, Letitia James — New York’s Attorney General — accused Trump’s family members of engaging in fraud alongside the former president. James made a litany of accusations against members of the Trump family, whom she claims actively engaged in deceptive business practices and conspired to commit various types of fraud. James also claims that members of the Trump family colluded to obscure and misrepresent information regarding Trump’s New York businesses. This serious accusation could result in further criminal inquiries into Trump’s family members.

Although Judge Engoron claims he isn’t biased against Trump, the former president regularly accused the court of political bias and unfair treatment. Trump’s accusations prompted criticism from Engoron, who claimed the former president acted inappropriately during the trial. According to Engoron, Trump regularly discussed issues regarding his ongoing criminal cases and failed to answer questions related to the allegations against him adequately.

Despite the criticisms from Engoron, Trump’s legal team remains adamant that they’ll appeal the ruling against Trump and achieve a new trial. According to Christopher Kise, Trump’s civil attorney, the New York court failed to adhere to the state’s laws and allowed an unjustifiable ruling against the former president. Kise claims that despite the trial’s lengthy proceedings, none of the witnesses or evidence provided by James established any proof of fraudulent activity.

Upon the trial’s conclusion, James requested the state of New York ban members of the Trump family and other alleged co-conspirators from operating businesses or receiving loans from New York banks for the next five years. James also issued a request for the state to restrict Trump’s ability to own New York properties. Despite the accusations from James and the ruling against the former president, Trump remains confident that he’ll receive a new trial and won’t be subjected to the massive $454 million payout.

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