Trump BEATS Biden In Key Swing States!

( – Echelon Insights conducted a survey to determine which presidential candidates were the most popular within each political party, such as the Democratic and Republican parties. The most popular candidates were Donald Trump for the Republicans, Joe Biden for the Democrats, and Cornel West for the third-party vote.

Trump surpassed Biden in terms of popularity by one percent in general but held a higher lead of seven percent in key swing states. Around 11 percent of those surveyed remained uncertain about which of the candidates they preferred. While Trump maintains a solid seven percent lead in key states that both candidates will need to secure victories, his popularity over Biden is likely closer to four percent given the survey’s margin of error. Although Biden’s popularity has been declining in recent months, prompting a tour around the southeast United States from the current president, he still remains adamant that he’ll be victorious in next year’s election.

Trump’s popularity has shifted over the past few weeks, following the indictment and leaked audio scandals that he was facing. According to multiple sources, Donald Trump’s popularity actually decreased marginally following the federal indictment but has since recovered and even surpassed Biden’s by a notable margin. Trump still remains the Republican candidate with the most support and will likely be the GOP’s nominee for the upcoming election. Other potential GOP candidates include Ron DeSantis and Tim Scott, although Trump maintains a strong lead over them in polls.

Biden’s decline in popularity could be related to several key issues, including the recent drug scandal unfolding at the White House. Biden has been overseeing a declining economy, record-shattering immigration, and heavy inflation since he took office in 2021. Another key issue amongst voters polled about Biden is his age; many citizens feel as though he’s simply too old to fulfill his duties as the United States president. Despite these claims, Biden was recently granted a “clean bill of health” from Dr. Kevin O’Connor, who claims Biden is still in good enough shape to maintain his position.

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