Trump Campaign Criticizes CNN for Cutting Press Secretary’s Mic

( – Former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has released a statement criticizing CNN following an interview with Trump’s press secretary, Karoline Leavitt. Leavitt spoke to CNN personality Kasie Hunt, known for her time as a host on MSNBC, about Trump and his presidential campaign.

Leavitt also briefly addressed CNN hosts like Jake Tapper, who’ve been openly critical of the former president, and highlighted how Tapper’s status as a co-host on the presidential debate seemed biased. Shortly after Leavitt’s comments about Tapper, her microphone stopped working, which Trump’s campaign accused CNN of orchestrating.

Leavitt took to social media after having her microphone muted and accused CNN of muting her due to her statements about Tapper’s anti-Trump sentiments. According to Leavitt, CNN’s decision to cut her microphone indicates that Trump won’t receive fair treatment in his upcoming debate with President Joe Biden. Despite the potential for bias against him, Trump plans to attend the debate and share his political platform with millions of Americans.

Hunt quickly responded to the incident by posting on X, formerly Twitter, to defend CNN’s decision to mute Leavitt’s microphone. Hunt criticized Leavitt for her statements about Tapper and accused Trump’s press secretary of acting in a disrespectful manner when talking about the debate co-host. According to Hunt, anyone who talks about her fellow CNN hosts would receive similar treatment, and the decision to mute Leavitt didn’t stem from political bias against Trump or his campaign staff.

Although Hunt denies the allegations of CNN harboring an anti-Trump bias, Tapper’s track record indicates otherwise. Tapper has repeatedly criticized Trump on social media and during his reporting and has frequently described Trump as a “nightmare” for the average American. Tapper also famously accused Trump of colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential campaign, an accusation proven false by Congressional committees and criminal investigators. Tapper has even accused Trump of trying to overthrow the United States government and refused to cover Trump due to content he deemed “potentially dangerous.”

Trump’s team claims that the upcoming debate features rules that grant President Biden an advantage over the former president and that despite the bias from the debate’s hosts, Trump can still win. According to political experts, the two top issues that Trump and Biden will likely discuss include immigration and the increasing price of goods throughout the United States.

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