Trump Claims He’ll Get DeSantis Voters’ Support

( – According to former President Donald Trump, he’ll get support from the majority of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis voters. Trump shared his prediction during an interview with Fox News, covering the upcoming New Hampshire primaries. DeSantis recently suspended his presidential campaign after acknowledging that his bid wouldn’t succeed and publicly endorsed Trump in his announcement.

While discussing DeSantis’s campaign and the likelihood of his supporters following his endorsement, Trump said that he was “honored” by DeSantis’s endorsement and shared multiple similarities between both candidates’ respective political platforms. Trump said he and DeSantis shared similar views on securing the southern United States border, lowering taxes, and a strong military. The only difference Trump highlighted related to both candidates’ anti-war sentiments, with Trump claiming that he’s less in favor of a new armed conflict than DeSantis.

DeSantis’s presidential campaign began with a rocky start but quickly gained momentum among Republican voters. The most significant selling point of DeSantis’s presidential bid, often echoed by his political advocates, was his stance as an alternative Republican candidate compared to Donald Trump. DeSantis quickly polled as the second most popular Republican candidate after announcing his campaign but lost traction throughout the year. Despite his campaign’s initial success, several setbacks ultimately hindered the governor’s presidential push, resulting in the suspension of his election attempt.

Trump admired DeSantis’s decision to endorse his political campaign, noting that making such a decision shortly after suspending his campaign is “not easy.” Trump also claimed that the governor did the right thing by publicly announcing his endorsement. In the interview, the former president highlighted that he started the presidential race as the most popular Republican candidate. Trump remains the most popular Republican running in the 2024 presidential election and currently faces one last challenger, former Governor Nikki Haley.

During his endorsement, DeSantis also took brief jabs at other presidential candidates, including incumbent President Joe Biden and Nikki Haley. While discussing his support for Donald Trump, DeSantis called Trump the superior incumbent while referring to Biden and compared Haley’s campaign to “warmed-over corporatism.” Despite criticism from Trump and DeSantis, Haley remains in the presidential race and claims she’ll secure DeSantis’s supporters’ votes in the New Hampshire primaries.

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