Trump Criticizes Biden for Making Car, Home Purchases Unaffordable

( – Former president Donald Trump scored president Joe Biden on the continuing high rate of inflation in the country, accusing the current administration of failing to address high prices that he says have rendered millions of ordinary Americans unable or struggling to buy homes and cars.

Speaking at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner in St. Paul, Minnesota, an annual event for the Republican Party, Trump’s 80-minute speech touched on a number of issues aside from inflation, such as the border crisis, as well as the multiple lawsuits he is facing. He repeatedly mocked Biden himself and the president’s current policies, particularly the president’s eponymously-named economic policy, Bidenomics.

“Groceries are up 22 percent, eggs are up 50 percent, electricity’s up 40, 50, 60 percent,” Trump claimed. He also said that car insurance has become so unaffordable while wages are down by five percent. The former chief executive accused Biden of creating an “inflation catastrophe” that he said is serving as a “country buster” against America’s growth.

“This is what we have. This is Bidenomics,” Trump said.

The former president also promised that he would intensify America’s armed defenses if he gets reelected, saying that he would build an “Iron Dome” missile defense system, promising Minnesotans that much of it would be built in the state. Trump also committed to keeping “men out of women’s sports”, a reference to the trans athlete agenda, and assured his audience that schools that teach critical race theory and require vaccination for students will not receive government funding.

Trump also repeatedly reiterated the claim that Biden and the Democrats would likely cheat again during the elections. Cheating, Trump said, was the only way Biden can win another four years in the White House. The former commander-in-chief also bemoaned the absentee voting and early voting in the state, saying that the process “gives them [Democrats] more time to cheat”, despite there being no evidence of electoral fraud in the state in the past.

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