Trump Declares Himself a Political Prisoner

( – Former President Donald Trump’s ongoing hush-money trial in Manhattan has ended, resulting in the jury convicting the former president of 34 felony offenses, which many conservatives feel is evidence of political bias in the American justice system.

Trump himself has expressed his belief that his conviction stemmed from political bias and described himself as a “political prisoner” following his conviction. According to Trump, his arrest should highlight how important the upcoming 2024 election should be for Americans, which Trump described as the most important day of American history.

Trump compared himself to a political prisoner in a video he filmed in response to his conviction, which the former president shared with various media outlets and social media platforms. In the video, Trump called the United States a “failing nation” and assured his supporters that he’d be free after the 2024 presidential election, which he firmly believes he’ll win. While some legal experts have criticized Trump for his accusations of political bias, it isn’t the first time Trump has implied the Biden administration targeted him using the criminal justice system.

Shortly after his conviction, Trump told various media outlets that the Biden administration interfered with his criminal proceedings to discredit him and hurt his presidential campaign. Trump also said that his criminal trial was illegitimate and had a predetermined outcome due to political maneuverings. During his statement to reporters, Trump also discredited the guilty verdict and said that the actual verdict would come from American voters in the 2024 presidential election.

Despite the guilty verdict marking the first time a United States president has been convicted of a felony, Trump’s campaign saw a massive increase in donations following the criminal trial’s conclusion. Trump’s team confirmed that within the first 24 hours after the verdict, the former president’s campaign received more than $50 million in donations. The Republican National Committee has also seen a rise in donations, raising approximately $141 million alongside Trump’s presidential campaign throughout May.

Trump’s campaign also received increased support following the former president’s conviction, with his favorability in polls jumping up approximately two percent since March. Trump maintains a slim lead over President Joe Biden in polls, with around 14% of voters claiming they aren’t certain about how they plan to vote in the upcoming election.

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