Trump Dismisses Lawsuit Against Former Attorney Michael Cohen

( – Former President Donald Trump dismissed his lawsuit against Michael Cohen, his former attorney, claiming he would refile against Cohen once he successfully defended himself in the multiple legal cases against him. Trump sued Cohen in April for approximately $500 million, claiming that Cohen breached attorney-client privilege while serving as his attorney.

The statement released by Trump’s team claims the former president’s lawsuit is meritorious and that Cohen will be held accountable for violating attorney-client privilege. The statement also claims that Cohen is a “proud felon” and that New York courts have already held him accountable for unrelated crimes. According to the initial lawsuit filed by Trump, Cohen violated privilege by spreading “falsehoods” about the former president for personal gain. Cohen has already been convicted of numerous crimes, including tax evasion, and will likely fail to defend himself against Trump’s civil case.

Cohen is involved in the ongoing civil fraud case against Donald Trump and told various media outlets that the latest suit against the former president will end his ongoing business empire. Trump’s businesses already lost licenses to operate in New York, and if Trump is found liable for fraud, it could mean a nationwide revocation of Trump’s business licenses. Trump denies any wrongdoing concerning the alleged fraud and repeatedly claims he’s the victim of an ongoing political witch hunt.

Cohen isn’t helping Trump’s case either, as the former attorney is testifying against Trump in the fraud case and sharing incriminating information. This isn’t the first instance of Cohen testifying against his former client, as the attorney shared statements in a prior criminal trial involving the former president.

Among the mediums Cohen used to release information about Trump are a book, a podcast, and various media appearances. Trump’s team claims that Cohen used these various mediums to violate attorney-client privilege for financial gain. While Trump is dismissing the lawsuit against Cohen for the foreseeable future, the former attorney will likely face a civil suit from the former president once Trump’s ongoing legal battles conclude.

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