Trump FAILED?! DAMNING Report Says It All

( – Former President Donald Trump’s recent appearance on the Fox News network reportedly performed worse than his recent appearance on the CNN Town Hall program. This has led media analysts to question whether something has changed. Trump’s performance in recent Town Halls was reportedly down from his 2016 performance, in which the media stated that he had “driven” record cable news performance ratings. 

Nielsen television ratings explained that Trump’s Fox News Town Hall drew “less than half” of the viewership that his CNN Town Hall appearance had. 

Trump’s appearance on Fox News’s town hall, hosted by Sean Hannity in Iowa, had an estimated 2.78 million “total average” viewers by 9 pm of the program. 

The network had likewise changed its approach to Trump on their program. Media reports explained that the network had “edited out” claims Trump made about the 2020 Presidential Election. In Trump’s view, the 2020 election was stolen by the Biden campaign and other fraudsters. The former president’s claims, which were not corroborated by investigation findings, have been the subject of political controversy. 

The Fox Corporation was reportedly sued by the Dominion Voting Systems company over claims made by former show host Tucker Carlson and other members of the network that the voting company had helped to “steal” the 2020 presidential election. In April, Fox and Dominion reportedly reached a “$787 million” settlement over the allegations. The Fox company agreed to pay Dominion this sum to avoid a trial. The case, which accused Fox News executive Rubert Murdoch, former host Tucker Carlson, and host Sean Hannity of making false claims had reportedly “embarrassed” the network. 

 Fox anchors likewise reportedly expressed “disbelief” in the former president’s claims. Media reports claimed that Fox edited out additional claims by the former president regarding election fraud to protect their network from further legal action. 

Trump has been vocally critical of Fox News in recent days. On June 2, Trump posted to Truth Social claiming that Fox News was “dying,” and stated that the network was “down 36%” from the previous year. Fox has reportedly seen its ratings drop since parting ways with Tucker Carlson. 

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