Trump Greeted by Large Supporter Crowds in Deep Blue State

( – Former president Donald Trump is continuing to ride the wave of dissatisfaction against President Joe Biden as his campaign managed to raise millions of dollars following a well-attended event in Newport Beach in the Democrat-dominated state of California.

The event at Newport Beach, which is located in one of Southern California’s most affluent areas, Orange County, was hosted by John Word, a health insurance mogul, and his wife, Kimberly.

The event was sold out, with attendance prices ranging from $3,300 for the a seat at the lunch reception and $6,600 per couple, to as high as $100,000 per person. Photo opportunities with Trump also carried a hefty price tag — $35,000 or raise $75,000. The former commander-in-chief, who arrived in a motorcade, was also greeted by boats in bay who were honking in support of the former president. Supporters came with flags and streamers that read, “We stand united with Trump!”, “Trump 2024”, and “Never Surrender!”

Some who were outside the event expressed optimism that Trump would work towards getting the economy back on track, while others bemoaned that the Democrats are fielding a candidate “who can’t walk and talk,” as one Trump supporter put it. Many supporters also echoed Trump’s statements in the past that his multiple indictments and lawsuits, along with his recent conviction in his “hush money” case, were all politically-motivated machinations by Biden and the Democrats.

Trump himself was mum on his pending lawsuits and pending sentencing, however, in a rare show compliance with gag orders issued against him in those cases.

Local authorities estimated that around 3,000 people attended Trump’s Newport Beach event.

Trump’s fundraising soiree at Newport Beach was the tail end of a series of coffer-building efforts by the former president’s campaign in California. Trump earlier held similar events in Beverly Hills and San Francisco. Team Trump estimates that along with another fundraising gathering in Las Vegas, Trump will be able to raise as much as $27.5 million for his campaign committee, on top of another $6 million for groups who support him.

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