Trump Insists on Drug Test for Biden Before Debating

( – While President Joe Biden has put forward several requirements for a debate with his predecessor, former president Donald Trump, the latter so far has only one stipulation: That the White House incumbent take a drug test before they face off on stage.

Speaking at an annual Republican fundraiser, the Lincoln Reagan Dinner, in St. Paul Minnesota, Trump said that he welcomes the prospect of debating Biden, whom he called the “worst debater” he has ever faced, along with the “worst president” in U.S. history.

However, the former chief executive said that he was concerned that Biden would show up to the debate “as high as a kite” – the same way Trump claimed that Biden delivered his latest State of the Union address in March.

“I said,” Is that Joe up there?” Trump told the crowd, saying that Biden’s incoherence, his unpredictable demeanor, and repeated faux passes necessitate the need for a drug test prior to the debate. Trump also claimed that there is cocaine in the White House, which he said could explain why Biden was so “jacked up” during the State of the Union.

Trump spoke to the crowd for 80-minutes, with attendees forking out anywhere from $500 to $100,000 to attend the fundraiser. The former president also criticized Biden’s self-named economic policy, saying that it has done nothing but make the everyday lives of Americans harder. Trump claimed that the prices of daily commodities such as gas and groceries, have increased anywhere from 20 to 50 percent, while the wage rate has dipped by five percent. He accused the Biden administration of creating an “inflation catastrophe” that has rendered Americans, especially the younger generation, unable to buy homes and cars.

“This is what we have. This is Bidenomics,” Trump said.

Trump and Biden are scheduled to debate in June, with another scheduled in September. Biden’s campaign, however, had multiple demands, such as not having an audience during the debate, as well as limiting the hosts of the debate to a few networks.

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