Trump Leads Biden by Double Digits in New Poll

( – With the first presidential debate looming, former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have started focusing on polling efforts across the United States.

According to a poll from the Rasmussen Reports, Trump outperforms Biden in polls by approximately ten percent. The poll gathered responses regarding Trump and Biden but also featured questions regarding several independent presidential candidates, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Jill Stein.

The survey’s results indicate that President Biden maintains around 40% of the American vote, with Trump holding a lead of ten points over Biden. Nine percent of Americans indicated they’d support controversial independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr., with the remaining three percent claiming they’d vote for either Jill Stein or Cornel West. Rasmussen Reports gathered the survey results on June 20 and asked 1,000 people who they intended to vote for in the upcoming presidential election.

The poll comes just a month after a different Rasmussen Reports poll indicated that most Democratic voters wanted to replace President Joe Biden if possible. The May poll featured questions about the Democratic Party attempting to Replace Biden with a new presidential candidate, with approximately 54% claiming they would support a replacement Democratic nominee. Republicans seemed less supportive of replacing Biden, with only 43% claiming they wanted a different Democratic nominee.

Yet another poll from Rasmussen Reports featured similar results and asked questions about President Biden’s mental decline. According to the survey, around 57% of voters believe President Biden’s cognitive function has substantially decreased. The poll regarding Biden’s mental decline comes after the White House has repeatedly rebuked claims of Biden’s health worsening, a statement that Biden’s staff claim is an attempt to discredit Biden. Biden himself has attempted to address the allegations of his declining mental health and maintains that if reelected, he’d serve a complete second term.

Trump’s campaign has frequently criticized Biden for his various blunders, with the former president claiming that Biden is incapable of serving another term due to his decline in mental health. When talking about Biden’s campaign, Trump campaign staffer Steven Chueng claimed that Biden’s staff have been running his campaign, as Biden lacks the mental ability to run his campaign. According to Chueng, Biden can hardly walk, let alone serve as the chief executive.

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