Trump Leads Biden in Key Battleground State, Says Poll

( – A new poll shows that former president Trump is well ahead of his rival, incumbent Joe Biden, in a critical battleground state.

According to an AARP poll released on Tuesday, Trump has a 3-point advantage in Nevada. If the election were conducted today, 45% of potential Silver State voters would choose Biden, while 48% would choose Trump.

The inclusion of independent Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. widens that slim edge to a more comfortable 7 points. Since Kennedy has not yet met the requirements to be included on the Nevada ballot, the Democrats in the state are making sure he is disqualified and not able to siphon away votes from Biden — “endangering democracy.”

While Obama gained support from independents in Nevada by 5 points and Georgia by 6 points over that time, Biden lost support from independents in both states. According to a New York Times poll, Trump is leading Biden in four other battleground states in addition to Nevada.

The former president is up by three points in Pennsylvania, seven in Arizona, seven in Michigan, ten in Georgia, and twelve in Nevada. Biden has a slim two-point lead in Wisconsin.

A panicked Biden team released a statement by a Democratic pollster, Geoff Garin, who said that the only consistency in polls is their inconsistency. This is an odd statement by a pollster– a tantamount admission that polls are meaningless.

The president’s Democratic coalition is in jeopardy due to the support of black and Hispanic voters.

Trump received 20% of black voters’ support in the polls; if this trend continues throughout the election, it would be the most significant percentage of black people supporting a Republican candidate since the civil rights movement.

Another foreboding indicator for Biden is that Democratic Senate candidates in Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are ahead of their Republican opponents. The polls do not show a rejection of Democrats; they show a preference for Trump.

Representative Ruben Gallego, a Democrat running for the Senate in Arizona, is leading Republican Kari Lake by two points and is doing better than Joe Biden. In Pennsylvania, Senator Bob Casey is leading Republican nominee Dave McCormick, and in Wisconsin, Senator Tammy Baldwin is leading likely Republican challenger Eric Hovde.

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